About Us

Guangdong Jiayong Industrial Co., Ltd.

Under the severe situation of the COVID-19 global spread,in March 2020,"McCons", a brand owned by Guangdong Jiayong Industrial Co., Ltd., was rapidly established and put into operation.Guangdong Jiayong Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, and has accumulated good corporate credibility for more than 20 years. Now it is a provincial-level kn95 professional production enterprise, which integrates "R & D, production, testing, sales and service" of McCons kn95.

Guangdong Jiayong KN95 brand "McCons", "to create a dust-free environment, lean site, safety protection, users Rest assured quality masks!" With the mission of "McCons KN95 - Guardian of Human Health, McCons KN95 - Defend Health I really line" for the banner, to "positive heart, positive idea, positive line, positive results" for the core values, accelerate the realization of "let every global Anyone who needs to be safe and healthy can wear GD Goodyear's quality McCons KN95 masks!" The company has a grand vision for the future.

The company has many sets of fully automatic KN95 production lines, with a daily production capacity of more than one million units; KN95 brand "McCons", the national standard, five layers of protection, GB/2626-2006 and the European Union CE, FDA certification.

McCons KN95 masks bring health to hundreds of millions of homes and protect you, me and him safely!

Welcome to come to order, mutual benefit, win the epidemic, pray for the heavens!