How to exercise safely during an epidemic?

2020-07-04  636

With the alleviation of the epidemic situation, people's activities are increasing, and schools are opening in succession. Wearing masks is still one of the important measures for us to adhere to protection.

Unfortunately, there have been a number of physical education classes wearing masks, outdoor running caused by health problems, and even sudden death. This can not help but let outdoor sports enthusiasts, especially the majority of "running friends" send out soul torture - is this mask, in the end or not?

It is not recommended to wear masks for outdoor sports

Some athletes sometimes wear masks for short-term training in order to reserve their physical fitness, but it is not recommended that ordinary people wear masks for large amount of exercise.

First of all, wearing a mask for strenuous exercise can easily cause myocardial injury. This is because most of the masks we wear fit the face tightly. The mask itself has poor air permeability, resulting in greater respiratory resistance and poor internal and external air flow. In the high intensity of running, our ventilation will increase to 20-25 times of the usual, so wearing a mask running, we need to carry out more oxygen metabolism and oxygen consumption.

For people with good cardiopulmonary function, wearing a mask for moderate running is usually no problem. However, if they do not have a certain level of training and poor cardiopulmonary function, they will

easily cause shortness of breath, disordered rhythm, high heart rate, a little longer exercise time, and will also lead to poor breathing, even lead to hypoxia, dizziness, chest tightness and other symptoms, which will easily damage the heart muscle and increase the risk of exercise and cardiovascular disease.

Secondly, wearing masks affects the protective effect of masks. According to the World Health Organization (who) on the way to wear masks, it is mentioned that if the masks become wet, they should be replaced with new masks immediately, and disposable masks should not be reused. But when running, there will be a lot of water vapor and sweat, which will make the mask wet and breed bacteria. If the mask can not be replaced in time, not only can not breathe smoothly, but also can not play a protective role.

How to run safely during the epidemic?

First, take masks with you and take protective measures before and after running. When running, take off the mask in an open and safe area and put on the mask in time after running; stretch and relax far away from the crowd, and change clothes in time to avoid getting cold; do daily disinfection work after going home.

Second, choose a less crowded route. People living in low-risk areas can run properly in parks, sports grounds and other places with low population density.

Third, keep a safe distance from the crowd and don't run in groups. A novel coronavirus is one of the most important ways of spreading. It is better to run alone during the epidemic period and always keep a safe distance from others. If a large number of people pass by, it is recommended that runners wear masks for a short time to ensure their own safety.

Fourth, the intensity frequency is moderate, running 3-4 times a week. It is necessary to control the intensity of exercise. Generally speaking, due to the reduction of the amount of exercise of many people during the epidemic period, we should not pursue high intensity when we resume running. At the same time, running is not more beneficial. Generally, running 3-4 times a week can meet the recommended amount of exercise to maintain health. The rest of the time, people can choose to wear masks to go out for a walk or a brisk walk for 30 minutes.

Generally speaking, on the premise of ensuring their own safety, people can moderate outdoor running during the epidemic period, but now the epidemic is not over, people should choose more indoor sports.