Q & A of used masks

2020-07-04  750

Is hot water feasible for used masks?

Disease control experts: not recommended

High temperature is indeed a way of disinfection, such as boiling, and is simple and easy to operate.

However, when using hot water to scald the mask, the mask must be placed on the container or table top,which can not pollute the container or table surface. Secondly, if the mask is scalded with boiling water, the continuous high temperature required for disinfection can not be met, and the time is not enough. It may only kill some pathogens. Therefore, hot water treatment is not recommended.

Is incineration feasible?

Disease control experts: not recommended

Similarly, the principle of incineration is high temperature disinfection. However, on the one hand,incineration will pollute the environment; on the other hand, it will cause potential safety hazards;thirdly, there is no such fixed place. Therefore, personal incineration is not recommended unless you are in rural areas.

Cut it and throw it away?

Disease control experts: not recommended

Although it is good to cut masks to prevent recycling by people with ulterior motives, there is a great risk of infection. Therefore, it is not recommended to cut into pieces.

How to deal with used masks effectively?

Disease control experts: deal with it according to the situation

In medical institutions, whether it is to seek medical advice, or visit patients, or interview and investigate, all masks used in medical institutions should be directly put into the garbage bags of medical waste. As medical waste, these masks will be centrally disposed by professional treatment institutions, so we don't have to worry about it.

Can I throw the used mask in the hospital next time?

CDC expert: No, because going to the hospital will increase the risk of unnecessary infection

At ordinary times, for the citizens suspected of having infectious diseases, they should give the used masks to the corresponding staff for treatment as medical waste.

For people with fever, cough, expectoration, sneezing and other symptoms, or people who have been in contact with such people, experts recommend that the masks should be first thrown into the garbage can,and then 5% 84 disinfectant solutiosshould be used in the proportion of 1:99, and then spread on the masks for treatment. If there is no disinfectant solution, you can also use a sealed bag / fresh-keeping bag, seal the mask and throw it into the garbage can.

For the general public, due to the low risk, the used masks can be directly thrown into the garbage can (Shanghai area: dry garbage). Finally, after handling the mask, remember to wash your hands carefully.

Disease control also reminded that with the development of the epidemic, if the government departments issued relevant regulations, they should be implemented according to the regulations.